About Me

Hey fine folks thanks for taking the time to learn about me.14242329_10153751381397882_3892240378133975314_o


who am i? 

Well I am Serum also known as Jay Clapp in real life.

I am a 3D designer also a photographer with no formal training.  Like a lot of you i make this up as i go along.

Chances are you have come by this site via one of my freebies. you are welcome! download and use them just consider checking out my paid stuff and consider it if you like it.


Dead projects 

Occasionally i may have a project that is just not playing ball or i may just loose interest and ditch it.

Some of them will be paid for things just because of the sheer amount of work that has gone into a project but most will just be free.

if you end up downloading the dead projects use them how you want it would be really cool if you link to the site when you finish the projects but i dont expect any money from you for their usage commercial or what ever.

so feel free to hit me up on the socials i dont add people on my personal facebook account but i do respond to people on my pages.