Being creative sucks!

Hello world indeed!Jay Clapp AKA Serum

Welcome to my site I figured i would take this chance to introduce myself.

So I am Serum or in  the real world i go by Jay I am a UK based 3d artist and photographer.

So recently i gave up the day job and launched myself into the void as a full time creative with my main focus being on my 3d work.

I know many who read this will be in the same place that i was and i would love to give you support and say the world is your oyster for the taking but lets not kid ourselves here.

Being a creative and earning a living is hard! i mean really fucking hard!

Lets take you through the realistic process that i go through every single project.

Step one get inspired!

Inspiration is all around i hear you say and for the most part that is true BUT when you are creating work that you hope people will purchase you end up second guessing yourself and once you commit to a project that can be your rent and your food!

no pressure there then...

Step Two Do the work!

its pretty simple to grasp this one you need to work in a manner thats timely and productive.

Sure as a self employed person you can take as many breaks as you want but those breaks can quite easily grow and eventually that work is not done or you end up rushing it ad reducing the quality of your work.

Maintaining a strong work discipline is key to getting the work done.


Step Three Reject Fix Repeat

You like to think that you are the boss but the truth is you are not in most cases.

When submitting your work to many places there is someone there that will judge whether your work meets the standard of where you are selling it.

Dont forget a lot of the time though this is often for your benefit as they earn when you do so the more they can get behind your product the better.


That is not the end though once you have been through the process of reject fix and repeat a few times they might just go cold on the project and reject it outright.

This can be incredibly frustrating when you have gambled a months rent on this project but you have to let it slide.

Trust me this is a hard thing to do its all too easy to take that rejection personally and think that you are a bad artist when in actual fact it most of the time its one persons opinion as to if they think it will sell so dont go giving them a hard time about it.


All in all being a creative sucks sometimes i wish i was 'normal' and where a dayjob was enough for me but its not and it never will be. so why do we do it? i think its because it plugs up the holes in our lives and when it does pay off (which it will if you keep at it) that struggle we face on the way makes it all worth it...


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