Hazel 8 For Genesis 8 Female




Introducing Hazel 8 for Genesis 8 Female

Hazel 8

Hazel 8 is a unique character for the Genesis 8 female figure that emphasizes a more 'Real' look.

When i was creating her i wanted to address a skin type that you just don't see often in Daz and that is Porcelain.

Hazel 8 has been designed from the beginning to be a unique character from the creation of the skin through to the overall aesthetic of her.


Hazel 8 starts with the real skin base and does not feature skin from a merchant resource pack but instead a real model was shot specifically for this figure.

In fact Hazel is the name of the model that was used to create the skin for this product so it seemed natural to let the product inherit her name.


Built with render times in mind

Have you ever sat there waiting for a render to finish? Hazel 8 has been designed with faster render times in mind.

As Hazel was shot using a real model and uses actual photography to create her skin it means that other tricks that are used do not need to be used.

This means that Hazel 8 has much faster render times  compared to the base Genesis 3 model.


Please note This figure requires Daz Studio 4.9.4 (that includes the Genesis 8 Female Figure)


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